1. Download and unzip the “Make Contest” package, if you haven't already.
  2. Ceate a new SQL database as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it. Record the databaseʼs name, server name, database username and password for use in the next steps.
  3. Place the “Make Contest” files in the desired location on your PC (usually "webroot" or "htdocs" folder, please check your software for instructions on where to place files).
  4. Check FAQ section and ensure that your host meets the minimum requirements to run the script.
  5. Run installation wizzard

Installation wizard

You can run the “Make Contest” installation script by accessing /install/index.php in a web browser. Depending on the software and browser you are using the link should look something like this: http://localhost/install/index.php

The installation wizard consists of six different steps:

  1. requirements
  2. database
  3. administrator
  4. finish
  5. cleanup
  6. configuration settings


The first step will perform some basic checks of your environment to verify that it complies with “Make Contest” script requirements. Some requirements are mandatory, and the installation wizard will not proceed until they have been fulfilled, while other requirements are recommended, and you will receive a warning message but will be allowed to proceed if they are not met. Make sure all requirements are met and click “Next”.


In this step you should provide the script with the information about your database: database host and name, database name and password, table prefix, and site’s email. Mouse-over tooltips are available to help you enter the right values. Fill in the required fields and click “Next”. If you do not know these values, please ask your hosting provider for more information.

During this step, you can use “test connection” feature to perform a test connection to the database, to find out whether the values you entered were correct before proceeding with installation.

If there is an error when connecting to the database, please correct the values you entered and try to connect to the database again.

If the values you entered were correct, “Make Contest” will attempt to create new tables in the database you specified. If everything went well, you should be redirected to the next step, where you will see a message: “Database Successfully Installed”.


Enter Site's Name, Email "from" Name and Site Email. Do not change Server Name and Complete Site URL, we will enter them later. Click "next".


If everything went well you should see congratulation message:

Configuration successfully updated
.htaccess file successfully installed
A confirmation email has been sent to the supplied address.
Check your spam folder if it fails to turn up.
Please remove the “install” folder from your server.
If you do not remove "install" folder manually the script will attempt to remove it during the following step.


Please remove "install" folder.

Configuration settings

Please open cfg.php file located in your script folder and open it with text editing software (NotePad and similar). Update settings as needed.

$this->site_name = 'Site';
This is your site's name. This name is used throughout the script (emails to customers, messages, etc.)

$this->server_name = 'mysite.com';
Enter server name here. For local installation it will be something like $this->server_name = 'localhost/MakeContest';

$this->site_url = 'http://www.mysite.com/MC/';
Enter your site URL here. For local installation it will be something like $this->server_name = 'http://localhost/MakeContest/';

$this->upload_full_dir = 'http://www.mysite.com/MC/upload/';
This is your upload folder. For local installation it will be something like $this->server_name = 'http://localhost/MakeContest/upload/';

$this->upload_full_dir = 'http://www.mysite.com/MC/upload/';
This is your upload folder. For local installation it will be something like $this->server_name = 'http://localhost/MakeContest/upload/';

Remaining settings can be configured from the back end.

Now you can either go to your site or login to the admin panel. Use URL you entered above to access your front end. Add /admin to access back end (i.e.http://localhost/MakeContest/ for front end and http://localhost/MakeContest/admin for back end). Your login / password are admin / admin

That's it! “Make Contest” should now be installed.


If you see white screen on the first installation step and can't proceed with installation please ensure that

  1. short tags are enabled
  2. you have admin privileges (localhost/phpmyadmin => change the privelages to all)