Text editor does not display icons instead you see text {strong}, {emphasis}, {undo}, {redo}. The problem occurs randomly. Customer's description of the problem: "When I try to launch a project on my laptop (works on Windows XP) I get this error: in the Summary window, the options "Bold, Italic, Undo and Redo" appear only as text and not working. I am stuck in this window, I can't write anything in the Summary. On the other hand, when I try to launch a project on my stationary PC it works just fine both on Mozilla and Internet Explorer."

This usually happens due to script misconfiguration. For example, your config file says that your site's url is www.site.com and you try to access your site by visiting site.com. To fix this error please make sure your config file matches your URL. Please redirect all traffic to www.site.com, this can be done from your hosting provider Control Panel or with .htaccess.